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Buy a High Quality Driveway Sealer Online with FREE Delivery!

Good Home Online stocks the best driveway sealers available in the UK. Our high quality cleaning and sealing products are carefully chosen. For the homeowner or tradesman, we also offer discounts on 5 or more products. We have sealants for a number of different applications including the following:

Good Home Online specialises in the supply of hi spec paving sealers and cleaning products for both trade and DIY use.

buy driveway sealers and patio sealers online

We stock various products for different applications all with great value for money and quality in mind! If you require 5 or more of 1 particular product get in touch for our trade discount prices!



Popular Products



Picscoat Tarmac Paint (Red)

A superb restoration product for tarmac driveways and patios. Simply roll two coats of Picscoat onto a clean tarmac surface and watch the transformation! 20 litre tubs

Xtraseal Concrete Sealer with Rhino Grip

Xtraseal is an excellent hardwearing solvent acrylic sealant designed to protect & enhance the surface of imprinted concrete & decorative concrete flags. Xtraseal has a very high resin content ensuring a long lasting seal every time! 25 litre tubs. With Rhino Grip, click here without.

Pave Fix Plus Buff

Buff colour superb self setting jointing compound which is a great alternative to traditional mortar pointing.


A high standard solvent acrylic sealer designed to protect and enhance the surface of Imprinted concrete and decorative flags. High resin content ensures a hard wearing seal! 25 lite tubs. Plus Rhino Grip.

Pave Fix Plus Grey

A superb grey self setting jointing compound which is a great alternative to traditional mortar pointing.

Patio Wizard

Patio Wizard is a new type of Moss and Algae treatment that kills and cleans all type of green growth without the need for any washing off, scrubbing or pressure washing.


Buy Driveway Sealer Online: Quick, Easy and Great Value!

We also sell a sealant to protect outdoor surfaces from water, plus a solvent to help clean off equipment used for sealing your driveway or patio. Our sealants, paint and solvents are often versatile solutions which can be applied to a number of applications, for example different types of concrete or natural stone paving slabs.

When you buy a driveway sealer from us, you can rest assured that you will pay a low price. Plus we provide FREE delivery all across the UK. There is no minimum order amount for you to take advantage of our free delivery on all driveway sealer and other products. Everything is competitively priced, easy to order online with the world’s number 1 payment gateway Paypal and shipping is free.

Buy your driveway sealer online with Good Home Online. It couldn’t be easier or quicker.

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Why Do I Need a Driveway Sealant

Once you have cleaned or laid a new driveway or patio, it is essential to seal the surface. Once concrete, brick and stone is sealed, the driveway will be protected from the elements. This means no more water damage from expanding ice, a quality driveway sealer will keep water out. There will be far less moss growth and no more algae growth from overhanging trees.

Our products protect from damage and help to keep your driveway and other outdoor surfaces looking like new. Dirt simply won’t stick as easily anymore. Please give us a call on freephone 0800 2707 835 if you need advice on the best driveway sealant to buy for your home.

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